Working with Bodhi Wellness increases athletic performance.

Should sports massage be part of your training?

Athletes at every level know the value of routine. We have training schedules, and practice routines. We stretch, we warm up and cool down. We watch our nutrition and hydration. Should Bodhi Wellness be part of your training regimen?

Why partnering with Bodhi Wellness increases performance.

Training and competion cause stress on your body. Muscles become tight and toxins build up which can lead to many of the conditions that hamper performance.

Sports massage and other therapies help speed recovery from this stress by reducing lactic acid build-up and increasing bloodflow to tissue. Massage therapy oxygenates tissues, clearing toxins and decreasing recovery time. Increased mobility, flexibility and performance are the benefits.

Bodhi treats serious conditions athletes face with sports massage and other therapies:

  • Tendonitis
  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Congestions
  • Tears

Massage therapy along with guidance in proper posture and effective stretching lets you train more efficiently. This leads to better performance and lessens the risk of injury.

The team at Bodhi Wellness provides guidance to many elite sports organizations. Runners working with Bodhi Wellness have competed in over 100 races including ultra marathons and the Boston Marathon. Bodhi Wellness also provides onsite care for the Tacoma City Marathon Group. It is clear runners benefit from Bodhi’s holistic approach but athletes and organizations in other sports also look to Bodhi Wellness for support.

Bodhi Wellness worked closely with South Sound FC soccer club and Dr. Erik Waterland, PT, to develop a massage, stretching and yoga program for players. Players received gameday stretching before and during the match. The results have been impressive. For the first time, the club has enjoyed an injury-free season.

Injuries will happen though and Bodhi is here to help your recovery. Sports massage therapy, yoga, Pilates and nutritional coaching are all facets of the approach at Bodhi Wellness. An individualized plan will help your body heal and minimize the risk of long term effects from your injury.

No matter what your sport or competitive level, Bodhi Wellness can improve your performance. Combining sports therapies with preventive care, Bodhi Wellness will help you maintain an effective training routine and reduce the chance of future injury.

Contact Bodhi Wellness find out how you can perform at your full potential.